Hotel Cigoland

Cigoland *** , Route de Sélestat 67600 KINTZHEIM +33(0)3 90 56 41 40


Within the resort : Cigoland, storks and recreation park

Far from the mad rush for thrilling entertainment, visitors can see storks roaming free or in one of the park’s five aviaries as well as many other animal species surrounded by lush and diverse vegetation, often typical of the “Ried” while entertaining yourself with one of the all-public attractions that Cigoland Storks and Recreation Park offers.


  • The Alsace wine route

    The most famous French Wine route starts 2 min. from the hotel Cigoland***. It winds its way through the vineyards for more than 170 kilometres and 67 communities. It crosses 2 departements (Haut and Bas –Rhin). Thanks to the very diverse landscapes and the visits at the winegrowers’ your stay in our beautiful region will remain unforgettable.  

    The castle of the Haut-Koenigsbourg

    The moment you step over the threshold of the great door at Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, you find yourself in a whole new world: the Middle Ages. Cross the lower Courtyard with its inn, forge and mill, then climb the spiral stairways leading to the Lord’s furnished apartments. Discover architecture, pieces of furniture and an atmosphere laden with History.

    La montagne des Singes – Monkey mountain

    Go meet more than 200 macaques free in a 24 ha forest. ! You will be seduced by the incredible proximity with the animals that do not hesitate to come closer for taking the popcorn distributed  at the entrance out of your hand.

    La Volerie des Aigles –Eagle park

    The Eagle Park gives visitors a unique opportunity to observe and admire the most beautiful and largest raptors in the world, both in flight and at very close range. An impressive and moving show !

    The Humanist Library

    The Library of the Latine School founded in 1452 can be considered as the oldest public library in Alsace. It includes the private library of the humanist Beatus Rhenanus (1485-1547), one of the most important French preserved collections of a humanist of the early sixteenth century. It has been included in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register in May 2011.

    Silver mines of Tellure

    Many miners searching for good fortune exploit the veins of the valley of Val d’Argent. The mine of Saint Jean Engelsbourg that you visit in Tellure was operated from 1550 to 1908. The galleries form a vast underground network, totally secure and accessible even for the youngest.

    The Tourist Office Sélestat Haut-Koenigsbourg

    Do you need information ? The Tourist Office Sélestat Haut-Koenigsbourg is your preferred  intermediary.

    The village of Kintzheim

    Tourist town of the Massif du Haut-Koenigsbourg, with in perspective on the Castle of Kintzheim, ruin of the XIIIth century, and  the property Régis Villaand, its remarkable Park and Garden. Kintzheim is crossed by the Wine Route of Alsace, in the North with hillsides from Hahnenberg and to the south by the hills of Grand Cru Praelatenberg. Visit not to be missed !

    The Tourist Office of Grand Ried

    Located between Strasbourg and Colmar, bordered by the Ill and the Rhine river, Central Alsace is a region with exceptional natural wealth !